Collection: POWER UNITS

Power unit is the heart of your ducted vacuum system.

The size of the power unit required is relevant to the length of the pipe run from the machine to the furthest inlet. The number of inlets is not so important because only one is used at any time! The resistance of the distance to the furthest inlet and the hose length, are the critical factors that determine the correct size of the power unit to be chosen... Please contact our experienced staff to discuss the correct ducted vacuum system power unit, if you need any assistance.

There are many types of ducted vacuum systems with different features to suit various applications. We offer many brands and types at the ducted vacuum warehouse. For instance, you may wish to mount your vacuum unit high on a wall, or keep it low to the ground, which will require different methods of emptying. The two main types of ducted vacuum units are bag or bagless with variations of each. The machines that use bags enable you to empty your system with minimal contact to the dust and rubbish. The bagless machines use a filter that can be cleaned or washed when required.

The power unit is positioned in your garage under the house or externally with a cover. If you live in apartment or town house, the power unit can be fitted in a cupboard, under the stairs or on a balcony. The basic idea of having your ducted vacuum system power unit outside your living area, reduces the dust particles within your home. If you cannot place the machine anywhere but inside eg. under the stairs, it is best to exhaust the unit under the floor or outside if possible.

There is no job too small or too large to be cleaned with a ducted vacuum system.