Collection: Vacuum Motors

Wide range of ducted vacuum motors to suit different models and brands of ducted vacuum, eg. AstroVac, AussieVac, Valet, Premier Clean etc. There are three types of motors that are commonly used in the ducted vacuum systems.  Tangential Bypass motor, Flow-Thru motor and Periperhal Bypass motor.  The higher-end ducted vacuums use the Tangential By-Pass motors. These motors are the best for use in ducted vacuums as they have a horn discharge making sure that all heat and exhaust air is removed from the motor chamber, which ensures a long motor life.  Flow-Thru motors are usually used in portable vacuums.  This type of motor does not have a dedicated cooling fan to cool the inside motor mechanics thereby reducing the life of the motor.  The Peripheral By-Pass motor units are not much better as the hot dirty exhaust air vents around the motor area which in turn also causes a reduction in the life of the motor. Please call our friendly staff if you need further assistance.