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AstroVac VV100L ValueVac Ducted Vacuum

AstroVac VV100L ValueVac Ducted Vacuum

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AstroVac VV100L ValueVac ducted vacuum power unit. Compact design, strong, reliable and low-cost ducted vacuum power unit. Like any other AstroVac bag-type machines, this unit requires very little maintenance and easy to operate. Installation is also quite simple and easy. The unit can be mounted either on the garage wall, under the house or anywhere under cover due to its low-noise design of the flow thru motor. Perfect for small units, homes or apartments with 1 or 2 wall inlets; OR medium size double storey homes with 2 or 3 wall inlets.

Recommended applications: approx. 150 sqm house with 2 wall inlets.


1.  Powdercoated galvanized metal ducted vacuum unit
     - Provides greater strength and durability
     - Better heat dissipation, prevents motor and other components from overheating
2.  145mm double stage flow through motor
3.  Use of disposable filter bags
     - Maintains high suction
     - No dirty filter or bags to clean
     - Easy to empty - simply lift lid from top of the unit allowing bag to be removed with no mess
     - Does not exhaust dust back into the garage
4.  Patented Astro-Airliner design
     - Higher efficiency
     - Improves air flow
     - Guarantees longer motor life
5.  Right OR left entry points for connection of ducting pipe to unit
6.  Compact space saving design, making unit perfect for smaller townhouses and units
7.  Provision for utility/garage inlet
8.  Single printed circuit board control module complete with:
     - On/off switch for operating inlet point on power unit
     - Terminals for extra low voltage remote connections for inlet points inside house
     - IEC type socket and lead for power mains connection
     - Dual LED technology status indicators for visual standby and operating models
9.  EMI compliant to AS/NZS 1044
10. Australian made and owned company

System Data
Air Watt 410
Input Power 1200 Watt
Voltage 240 VAC
Sealed Vacuum (Water Lift) 2920 mm
Air Flow at 48mm diam. pipe 52 Litre/second
Noise Level at 3 metres 65 dBA
Dirt Capacity 30 Litres
Unit Type Compact
Filtration Paper Bag
Replacement Bag Number PBA1
Dimensions 695 x 320 mm
Weight 15 Kg
Motor Data
Fan Stages 2
Fan Diameter 145 mm
Motor Speed 26485 RPM
Approx. Motor Brush Life 400 hours
Motor Type Thru Flow
Manufacturer Ametek Italia
Recommended Applications
House Size up to 250 M2
Maximum Pipe Run 25 M
Number of Inlets up to 3
Motor Warranty 2 years
Other Electrics 1 year
Due to continuing research in power and energy saving technology, specifications are subject to change without notice.

If you are looking to buy replacement Bags, Motor, Control Board, Hose or Tools for this unit, please click one of the links below:

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