Collection: ElectronVac

Electron EVS ducted vacuum machines feature BAGLESS filtration, these units are designed to run without filter bags, the dust and dirt are cycloned then collected directly into the canister. With foam or cartridge filters for final motor protection, these filters need to be maintined regularly to keep the airflow of your ducted vacuum system at its optimum performance. The EVS power unit "the heart of the ducted vacuum cleaning system" is constructed only with quality materials and workmanship, assuring years of trouble free vacuuming.

EVS also have 2 bagged models, ie. FB200 and FB300, which require bags for proper usage. All EVS ducted vacuum machines are designed and manufactured in Australia. The units are made out of high impact, high temperature ABS polycarbonate and polypropylene plastic, excellent for areas where there is excessive humidity and ideal for coastal areas.