Collection: AstroVac

AstroVac ducted vacuum machines are designed and manufactured in Australia with ducted vacuum motors and other parts imported mainly from US and Italy. The design strength of AstroVac machines are in their patented astro-airliner which maintains airflows to their maximum level when the bags are filling with dirt. Without the  airliner, other ducted vacuum systems will suffer from declining airflow when more and more dust/dirt are collected in the machine. AstroVac offers two types of machine, ie. compact and deluxe. Compact design features smaller units with the motor located at the bottom of the unit. These machines suit smaller homes and town houses (2-3 bedroom) or a medium size house that has short pipe distances from the power unit location to the furtherest inlet. The deluxe unit has the motor located at the top of the machine, it is designed for medium to larger houses. The benefit of having the motor at the top of the unit allows the unit to have free air flow (less restrictive) which will improve the suction level, cooling and motor life.