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Exhaust Muffler | Silencer

Exhaust Muffler | Silencer

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Fits a silencer to the exhaust port* of your ducted vacuum unit to reduce vac motor noise. Silencer is totally safe for the vacuum motor and does not affect the motor performance.

How effective? Muffler is very effective in reducing loud / low frequency noise. Big ducted vacuum motors generally produce this low frequency noise. It can cut up to 30% of the noise level. It may not be very effective for high frequency noise (noise generated from high RPM motors). You will need two mufflers for unit with twin motors**. 


  • Made from high quality white PVC material
  • Attaches directly to the exhaust port of the main unit to muffle the outgoing sounds
  • Will not have any impact on Power Unit performance or cause any loss of suction
  • Can be installed both indoors and outdoors and you will need one muffler for each exhaust port
  • Measures 13.50 inches long with 2 inches hole diameter and
  • Comes with 90 degree spigot sweep elbow


Suitable for use with ducted vacuum cleaners that has 50mm outer diameter exhaust port.


*)  Muffler is to be fitted to the EXHAUST (NOT THE INTAKE) port of the machine.
     Exhaust port is where the filtered air comes out of the unit.
**) Do NOT run two exhaust ports into one muffler, you will need two mufflers for that application.

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