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Universal Remote Control for Ducted Vacuums

Universal Remote Control for Ducted Vacuums


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This is a fully programmed and ready-to-use remote control, designed for any ducted vacuum systems make and models.

Why do I need a remote control ?
In a ducted vacuum system, the power unit is automatically turned ON/OFF when we insert/unplug hose end into the wall inlet. This mechanism is done through low voltage wiring from the unit to each of the inlets. This wired connection is the most commonly used method in ducted vacuum installations. Although it is very rare, occasionally the low voltage wire can break, and reconnection could be difficult/costly due to difficult access to the broken spot (it could be inside the wall cavity or under the concrete slab). In this situation, instead of trying to reconnect the cable, there is an easier and cheaper alternative by using our customised "ducted vacuum remote control".

This universal remote control consists of "remote control button" (like the car remote control), which can be attached to the hose handle to turn the unit ON/OFF and "remote control receiver" to be wired directly to the machine low voltage terminals. Installation is quite simple and in most cases you can do it yourself. If you need more information, please call our friendly staff at AstroVac.

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