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Synthetic Ducted Vacuum Bags | 3 Pack

Synthetic Ducted Vacuum Bags | 3 Pack


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Synthetic Ducted Vacuum Bags for AstroVac, AussieVac, Cleanstar, Lux, Pullman and various other Ducted Vacuum Systems. 

Comes in a packet of 3.


  • 5 layers of synthetic fabric
  • Rubber membrane
  • Double fold
  • Better (high) filtration
  • Longer lasting

The diffusers in the dustbag ensure an even distribution of all dust and dirt particles to get the most out of the bag. This increases the dust storage capacity by up to 50% and therefore reducing the frequency of dustbag replacements.

Fit the Following Models:

  • AstroVac: All Models
  • AussieVac: All Models
  • Premier Clean: MONARCH RANGE, 250, 490, 550, 650, 850
  • Pullman: DUCTED 1500/3000/4000 DUCTED CV301, AFUERA CV302
  • Valet: All Bag Models
  • Volta: All Models
  • Flo-Master: Central Vacuum, M80, M32, M85, C650, M92
  • Lux: CD110, CV731, CV732, CV733, CV791, CV792, CV793
  • Starmix: ISP ARD-1435
  • MacVac

Premium quality synthetic bags with a multiple layer lining for better filtration and Heavy Duty cardboard collar with rubber seal to ensure no dust escapes the bag Synthetic bags loose less suction because the air is able to move around the dirt and not trough the dirt.
They are sonically welded not glued; therefore there is no chance for them to split. The synthetic material is much stronger than paper so it won't rip whilst vacuuming.

We recommend replacing your vacuum cleaner bag before it's 100% full. That may prolong the life of your vacuum cleaner because less strain is caused to the motor.
The pre-motor filter in your vacuum cleaner should be changed every 6 months or every 5 bags.
If you're unsure if this product will fit your vacuum cleaner, please ask us a question and we will gladly help you purchase the right product.

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