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Premium Switch Hose Kit with Mop Tool and Hose Cover - 12M

Premium Switch Hose Kit with Mop Tool and Hose Cover - 12M

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This is a 35mm PREMIUM QUALITY ducted vacuum switch hose & quality tool set that has a larger hose diameter, compared to a standard 32mm diameter hose. The larger hose diameter will give you a better air flow due to less pressure drop. The switch hose allows you to turn your vacuum machine ON and OFF from the hose handle, instead of pulling the hose off from the wall. If you need to pause your vacuuming momentarily, whether it is to pick up a phone call, to move some furniture, or to answer the door bell, you have the control at your finger tip to quickly switch OFF the vacuum machine to save the energy and the motor life.

In most cases you don't need to change or install anything on your current system, simply plug-in this hose and it will work right away ..

This kit also includes a NON SCRATCHING "soft mop" dusting tool designed for polished timber / tile floors. Using a standard "hard synthetic brush" tool (that usually comes with your unit) may damage your expensive floor!


  • Comfortable ergonomic handle, more convenient to use
  • Faster and easier vacuuming, save your time
  • Save electricity bills and motor life
  • Less air restriction, hence more air flow, due to slightly larger hose diameter
The Kit Includes:
  • 12m Switchable Ducted Vacuum Hose
  • Combination Floor Tool, (Wessel Werk - Made in Germany)
  • Adjustable length Telescopic Wand
  • 3-Piece Tool Set
  • Hose Hanger Bracket
  • Hard Floor Mop Tool
  • Hose Cover


  • Hose diameter = 35mm ID
  • Curved wand diameter = 32mm OD
  • End cuff diameter = 38mm OD

This switch hose kit fits most popular ducted vacuum brands such as: AstroVac, Auskay, AussieVac, Beam, CentralVac, Cyclic, CycloVac, DAS, Electrolux, Electron, EVS, Hills, Hoover, Hurricane, iCentral, Lux, Monarch, Premier Clean, Pullman, Silent Master, SmartVac, StarVac, Vactron, Vacuflo, Vacumaid, Valet and Volta.

Please note that the ON/OFF switch on the handle will only work if the hose is plugged into the commonly used dual-pin inlet. If you have an older ball-bearing inlet, the hose will still start the machine whenever you plug the hose end into the wall inlet, but you won't be able to control the machine from the handle.

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