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Self Feeding Wood Bit - 57mm

Self Feeding Wood Bit - 57mm

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Self Feeding Wood Bit, 57mm (2-1/4")

This drill bit is used to cut round holes on the plaster wall/floor board for ducted vacuum pipework penetrations and a wide variety of other applications.


  • Replaceable coarse screw point drills quickly in dry, wet and gummy wood.
  • Removable & replaceable screw point drill - two supplied.
  • All bits have a 7/16" hex shank to suit electric drills with 1/2" (or larger) chuck.
  • Precision milled shank which eliminates wobble and runout.
  • Spurs on the outside diameter cut holes cleanly and accurately.
  • Dual inside cutting planes shave hole radius for clean, smooth holes without pressure.
  • Forged in one piece from high carbon steel for maximum strength under the toughest drilling conditions.

Bonus: Replacement Screw Poin Drill.

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