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UB3 Paper Filter Bag - 2 Pack

UB3 Paper Filter Bag - 2 Pack


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GENUINE blue "Double-Lined" universal fitting paper bag filter. This bag is made from "special paper" for Ducted Vacuum Cleaning Systems, designed to improve air flow, clean & efficient filtration and maintain durability of your vac machine. Please beware that using other cheap "brown colour filter bags" may cause drop in suction, heavy loading and damage to your vacuum cleaner motor. Those inferior quality bags will also void most manufacturer warranty.

Suitable for all AstroVac Grand, Econo and Storm models:

  • AstroVac: AS1800L and AS3000L
  • Econo*: EL1400L
  • Storm: Tornado, Typhoon, Hurricane and Cyclone

Also compatible with the following Brands and Models:

  • AussieVac: AV1200, AV1300, AV1400, AV1500, AV1600, AV1700, AV1900, AV2200, AV2400, AV2600, AV2800, PA1300, PA2600
  • Auskay Power Vac Series: Excel 2000, Excel 2500, Excel 3000
  • Cyclic: D21, D25, D30, SD20, SD30
  • Flo-Master: CENTRAL VACUUM, M80, M32, M85, C650, M92
  • Hi-Teq: HT600
  • Imperial: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500
  • Lux: CD110, CV731, CV732, CV733, CV791, CV792, CV793, ECOVAC 900, ECOVAC 910, ECOVAC 1000, ECOVAC 1010, ECOVAC 1100, ECOVAC 1200
  • Premier CleanMonarch range units - 250, 490, 550, 650, 850
  • Pullman: DUCTED 1500/3000/4000, DUCTED CV301, AFUERA CV302
  • Starmix: ISP ARD-1435
  • Vacumaid: All bag units
  • ValetAll bag units - VB150, VB200, VL150, VL200, VL300, VB300, Value Vac, V75, V1P, V1S, V1SH, V1SU, VBS, V2P, V3P, V2S, V3S, VBC silver, VBC red, Eco Vac, V2SC, V3SC, V350S, V4SC, V-TEN
  • OR other ducted vacuum brands with 350-380mm diameter canister.
  • Compatible with AF552 bags.

Flat (unopened) Measurement: 26 cm wide by 73 cm long


  • Product image is for illustration purpose only, please refer to the product description for the number of bags supplied.
  • *) This bag replaces discontinued PBA2 bags. You will need to install a bag adapter to use this bag properly on old AstroVac Econo units that take PBA2 bags. Click here to buy bag adaptor.

Replace the filter bag twice a year to get a strong suction from your ducted vacuum system, reduce the chance of getting a blockage and also maintain the health of your vacuum motor.

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