PBA1 Paper Filter Bag - 5 Pack

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Paper bag filter PBA1 is the original dual layer AstroVac's bag replacement. Using original AstroVac bag will ensure your ducted vacuum motor function properly. Incorrect or generic bags can lead to ducted vacuum motor damage due to broken bags, insufficient air flow or fine dust deposit in the motor propeller.

Suitable for all AstroVac compact and deluxe models:

  • AstroVac Deluxe: DP1200B, DL1200B, DV1200B, DV1400B, DL1400B,DL1500B, DL1600B, DL1700B, DL1800B, DL1850B, DF1400B
  • AstroVac Compact: VV100L, L115P, CP120L, CL1200L, CL1500L, CL1700L

Also compatible with the following Brands & Models:

  • AussieVac: AV1100, AV1300COM, AV1400COM, AVECO, EconoVac
  • Premier Clean: Compact models eg. Compact 1, Compact 2
  • Valet: ValuVac, V1P, V2P, V150
  • OR other ducted vacuum brands with 300-330mm diameter canister

Flat (unopened) Measurement: 20 cm wide by 64 cm long

Product image is for illustration purpose only, please refer to the product description for the number of bags supplied.

Replace the filter bag twice a year to get a strong suction from your ducted vacuum system, reduce the chance of getting a blockage and also maintain the health of your vacuum motor.