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KitVac Automatic Dustpan - Silver

KitVac Automatic Dustpan - Silver


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KitVac has developed the first ever flush (with no protrusions) auto dust pan that is smooth lined and seamlessly obscure to the eye. Previously, there have only been two main devices in the vacuum industry and the Kitvac outperforms them both!

The main advantages of installing the KitVac dustpan in your home are as follows:
  • Flush mounting with no protrusions and can be made nearly invisible
  • Eliminates injury and damage to the dustpan with no protruding levers.
  • Easier opening and closing with flip flop door
  • Plug and play connections
  • Totally sealed front door (vermin proof) with a rubber seal bottom and back and tension spring which provides a higher see your integrity
  • Greater airflow speed in the chamber which increases suction power
  • Now easier to customize by painting the KitVac your own special color if needed
  • In-built design of dust pan caps completely hides the mounting screws
  • Easier to install/replace with the increased size of the cut out which means you can now replace the dustpans without having to cut inspection openings like other dust pan valves available
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