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Hard Floor Brush - Swivel

Hard Floor Brush - Swivel

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This tool will get into all the areas you have never been able to before. It rotates 180 degrees so it can turn sideways to clean all narrow gaps. It has a generous amount of hair to keep any hard surfaces coming in contact with your floors. So don't scratch your floors again using hard or worn synthetic brush or missing tight areas when you use this quality tool.


Many people may have been using incorrect ducted vacuum tool on their floor without realizing it. Using incorrect tool may cause scratch or damage to your floor. The most common mistake is using "standard combo tool" on polished tile or timber floor. This is usually because that's the only tool available (people usually get combo tool when they bought the machine) or they hesitate to swap tool when vacuuming different areas of their house. Combo tool is designed for houses with primarily carpet and small tiled wet areas. eg. kitchen and bathroom. Nowadays, more and more houses have larger tile/polished timber area. Combo tool has very hard bristle that can scratch polished floors. In addition when the brush worn down, the metal base will touch the floor and cause even more damage. Using combo tool on large hard surfaces will not only wear the hard bristle quickly but also do substantial damage along the way. Therefore, it is important to use the right tool for the right floor.

Hard brush tool is the right tool for these floors, not only that it has very soft natural brushes and but also it does not have the metal base touching your floor!


  • Very soft natural bristles
  • Simple to attach
  • Easy to use (easy to move on your floor)
  • Easy to reach tight places
  • Attractive design
  • Swivel 180 degrees
  • Lightweight sturdy plastic design
  • 300mm wide head
  • Non marking grey colour - protect your wall

This standard 32mm diameter tool fits most popular ducted vacuum brands such as: AstroVac, Auskay, AussieVac, Beam, CentralVac, Cyclic, CycloVac, DAS, Electrolux, Electron, EVS, Hills, Hoover, Hurricane, iCentral, Lux, Monarch, Premier Clean, Pullman, Silent Master, SmartVac, StarVac, Vactron, Vacuflo, Vacumaid, Valet and Volta.

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