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Ducted Vacuum Hose Cuff with Metal Ring

Ducted Vacuum Hose Cuff with Metal Ring

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Ducted vacuum hose cuff with metal ring.

Size and Suitability:

  • The insertion end fits standard ducted vacuum inlet valve with 1.50 inch (38.1 mm) ID.
  • The screw end fits 1.25 inch (32 mm) ID standard ducted vacuum hose.

Please note that this hose cuff has a reverse thread, ie. anti-clockwise to fasten it or clockwise to undo it.

If you are having difficulty to insert your hose end cuff into the wall inlet, check the condition of the metal ring on the cuff. Loose or out of shape ring can cause damage to the wall inlet pins. Keep using this worn hose cuff will cause intermittent connection and sometime may stop the machine altogether running from that inlet. It is quite simple to replace hose cuff from a non switch hoses, simply turn the cuff clockwise will undue it from the hose. Trim the hose end a little before putting a new cuff to get a better grip. Unfortunately you will have to buy a whole new hose if you have a damage switch hose cuff, because the cuff is factory molded with the low voltage cable.

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