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Deco Inlet Valve - Almond

Deco Inlet Valve - Almond


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Deco inlet valve is a high quality and easily adjustable ducted vacuum inlet valve suitable for all standard mounting plates. The inlet uses a 2-pin connection that can take standard hoses, switched hoses and most other ducted vacuum system hoses. It can be mounted where the door swings up or down.


  • Face dimensions - 90mm wide x 120mm high.
  • Fixings – Screw hole 60mm apart (off set).
  • Hole diameter – 38mm.
  • 2 pin connection.
  • Suitable for all standard ducted vacuum systems mounting plates.
  • Available colors: white, black, almond, and red

Compatible with most ducted vacuum brands & models.

Important Notes: 

  • When connecting the cable, do not take the screw out completely, you may loose a tiny spring behind screw.
  • There is no polarity in the wiring connection, so either way is fine. Please make sure the two wires do not touch each other.
  • If you just purchase a switch hose and found out that your switch hose does not work on your system, it is probably because your old inlet is not a dual-pin type, hence they won't be compatible with a switch hose. You will need to replace your inlet with this inlet for your switch hose to work. Please read our FAQ for instructions on how to replace an inlet.
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