CycloVac DL Series Genuine Filter Set



This CycloVac DL-Series filters includes both inner and outer filter. These are factory replacement filters.

Features anti-clogging filter and Cyclo filtre kit for CycloVac vacuum cleaners. The anti-clogging filter is a pre-filter that catches fine dust particles and protects the Cyclo filtre. The filter, with antimicrobial treatment, prevents the growth of mold, fungus and bacteria, captures micro particles and protects the motor.

Contains one inner and one outer filter.

Fits all CycloVac DL Series central vacuum models as well as:

  • DL710 De Luxe
  • DL710 Extra
  • DL715
  • DL2015
  • DL7515
  • E615
  • E715
  • E2015