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90 degree Sweep Tee

90 degree Sweep Tee

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90 degree sweep tee. It is important to follow the direction of the airflow when installing a sweep tee into a pipework. Incorrect installation will cause pipe blockage!

The bottom outlet (see the picture) connects to the pipe leading to the power unit while the other two outlets (top and right) connect to the pipes from the inlet valves.

When installed in a horizontal run, do not point the tee branch downwards (point it sideways instead), as this can cause dirt to accumulate at the bottom of the line due to the gravity. If an inlet valve is installed directly below, there will be pile of dirt every time it is opened.

Suitable for use with ducted vacuum PVC pipes that measure 50mm in diameter on the outside.

Please note that ducted vacuum systems have their own standard pipe and fittings, this fitting is NOT the same as the one used in water plumbing.

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