Ducted or Portable Vacuum?

Customers ask:  Ducted or portable vacuum?  Which should we get?
At AstroVac we understand that every home is different and every situation is unique. Needs and wants are different depending on a number of factors. To help you make your decision easier, we give you some of the pros and cons of each system.

Home Ownership.
Let’s deal with home ownership first. Clearly, if you are renting or leasing, the cost of installing a ducted vacuum system does not make sense.  First you probably do not have carte blanche decision making powers to make structural changes to your rental home, and secondly, unless you have a long term lease you may have to or want to move at the end of the current lease term.

In the meantime, a good quality portable will perform well and you can take it with you when you move.

If on the other hand, you own your home, even if you do not plan to live there forever, a ducted vacuum system is considered as an attractive feature and may contribute to the value and salability of your home.

Hands down, ducted vacuum systems also referred to as built-ins have more suction power than portables making this the preferred vacuum for deep cleaning, especially if you have carpets in your home.  The suction in built-ins can be as much as 3 and sometimes even 5 times more powerful than that of portables.

To be fair, portable vacuums have benefited significantly from advanced technology and suck up dirt, in some cases almost, but not quite, as good as the ducted vacuums.

Home Environment
Ducted vacuums provide healthier air than portables can. Ducted vacuum systems extract the dirt, dust, and debris out of the house and into the main power unit usually housed in the garage or the basement.

Portable vacuums on the other hand, recycle vacuumed allergens back into the air through the exhaust.

This is a huge consideration especially if you have animals and young children. Pet dandruff and loose hair contribute to allergens in the home. Babies and young children breathe faster making them more susceptible to allergens.

UC Davis conducted a study and proved that ducted vacuums do in fact keep the air cleaner than portable vacuums. Attached is UC Davis ducted (central) Vacuum Clinical Study.

Ducted vacuum systems are built to last 15 to 20 years. Some keep on powering and sucking up dirt and debris even longer. Portables, especially the new and improved with the bells and whistles are subject to early repair needs and on the norm have a relatively short lifespan.

Ducted vacuum systems do cost a bit more but more than make up for it with longer warranty terms and lifespan. With advanced technology, portables have been creeping up in price which when coupled with the shorter warranties, lifespan and susceptibility to breakdowns can have a heavier toll on your wallet.