Upholstery Brush with Pickers

SKU: 1360P


Upholstery brush with lint pickers. Unlike other upholstery tools which has either brush only, or lint pickers only, this tool has both lint strips and brush. Very effective for removing pet hair on clothes, sofa, etc. 

This standard 32mm diameter tool fits most popular ducted vacuum brands such as: AstroVac, Auskay, AussieVac, Beam, CentralVac, Cyclic, CycloVac, DAS, Electrolux, Electron, EVS, Hills, Hoover, Hurricane, iCentral, Lux, Monarch, Premier Clean, Pullman, Silent Master, SmartVac, StarVac, Vactron, Vacuflo, Vacumaid, Valet and Volta.