Slimline Inlet Valve - Antique Bronze

SKU: 1507


Antique bronze PVC/metal slimline inlet valve.

Compatible with most ducted vacuum brands & models.

Important Notes: 

  • When connecting the cable, do not take the screw out completely, you may loose a tiny spring behind screw.
  • There is no polarity in the wiring connection, so either way is fine. Please make sure the two wires do not touch each other.
  • The package usually comes with 3 screws (2 short and 1 long ones). Takes care when you use the long screw, please make sure it won't protrude into PVC pipe behind the plate. If pipe is in the way, use the short screw instead.
  • If you just purchase a switch hose and found out that your switch hose does not work on your system, it is probably because your old inlet is not a dual-pin type, hence they won't be compatible with a switch hose. You will need to replace your inlet with this inlet for your switch hose to work. Please read our FAQ for instructions on how to replace an inlet.