Ducted Vacuum Hose Cover - 9M

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This soft cover fits snugly over vacuum hose to protect your walls, floors, woodwork, furniture and corners from scuffs and scratches from the corrugated hoses. This sock will fit all ducted vacuum hoses that are up to 9 metres and ties off at both ends with the in-built elastic tie. Check your hose length to suit.

Suitable for use with 32mm or 35mm ducted vacuum hose.

Use hose cover to avoid the hose from scrathcing wall corners, furnitures, polished floor etc when vacuuming. When you drag the hose around, it could easliy leave dirt and scratches on corners, wall and floor surfaces. This is due to the spiral (corrugated) shape of the flexible ducted vacuum hose. You can choose hose cover the same length (or a little bit shorter) as your ducted vacuum hose. In practice only the middle part of the hose that potentially rub corners and surfaces.

How to easily fit hose cover? The easiest way to fit hose cover to ducted vacuum hose is by using a cardboard tube (eg. postal cardboard tube). First fit the whole hose cover over the cardboard tube. Insert one end of the ducted vacuum hose into the cardboard tube, then transfer hose cover from the cardboard tube to the vacuum hose by dragging the hose together with the cover until it is all covered.